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Improving lives through the manufacture of Clever Protective Covers

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Do you need a clever protective cover?
Improving lives through the manufacture of Clever Protective Covers
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Insulated Curtains

Fruit and veg, meat processing, drinks companies; all are just a smaller number of companies that use our insulated curtains. Our curtains help with temperature control and are specially constructed with unique properties to give our curtains an unrivalled thermal efficiency.

Our curtains haven been thoroughly tested in labs but the ultimate test for our curtains is in the extreme heat of the world’s hottest counties. Our curtains are in high demand in these hot counties and this is the perfect testing ground for them. Feedback from our clients has exceeded lab tests making our temperature controlled curtains the worlds no1 choice.

Temperature Control Lorry Curtains

Cunningham Covers insulated industrial curtains are used for temperature control in transportation. These are often insulated trailers with a refrigeration unit and temperature control curtains to keep the goods in transport chilled to a suitable temperature. Commonly used by hauliers, insulated curtains are useful when transporting fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat and foodstuffs.

Insulated curtains are a practical solution for multiple drops and deliveries to markets which are found in city centre areas where loading bays are not common. Therefore, in these instances, side loading is required. From our experience of working with hauliers, we understand that a spoiled load results in enormous wastage, unnecessary costs and a damaged reputation. Keeping food products at a safe temperature during transportation is paramount to ensure health and safety measures are always met. We are confident that our insulated PVC lorry curtains really do outperform cheaper alternatives, keeping your focus on the road.

Some clients like to segregate their product inside the lorry which is why we can also provide curtain dividers inside the curtainsider. This insulated curtain specially constructed with the correct combination of materials results in a perfect barrier to retain the cold atmosphere. Customers can fit these PVC dividers easily due to our unique fixings that attach on to the roof of the curtainsider. These are easily repositioned inside depending on the amount of product that you require to transport. The dividers are a perfect way of saving fuel on the refrigeration unit if the customer has varying loads to carry.

Why Choose Cunninghams?

At Cunningham Covers, we have over 50 years experience manufacturing corrosion protective covers for the manufacturing, construction, transport and oil and gas industries. Our experienced design team will work with you to develop an insulated lorry curtain unique to your needs. Each product is manufactured as made to order, so talk to us to discuss your needs today.

You can submit an enquiry by clicking the enquiry banner below or you just give us a call in Naas, on 045 560 010. We can talk you right through the stages to make ordering your new curtains an easy process.

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