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Do you need a clever protective cover?
Improving lives through the manufacture of Clever Protective Covers
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With 40 years experience in advanced textile solutions, Cunningham Covers have emerged as the market leaders. In these 40 years Cunningham Covers have dealt with complex textile issues and created the most appropriate, attractive and effective solutions possible.

It is through the different challenges in which Cunningham Covers have been faced that they have developed and pushed themselves to be innovative and provide their customers with the best possible solutions to suit their needs.

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Cunningham Covers have changed with the times and shifting needs of their customers and provide a wide range of advanced textile solutions. One of the most popular products Cunningham Covers provide is their advanced Curtain Side solutions of transportation.

Curtain sides are an advanced development for greater efficiency in transportation and haulage of cargo. Curtain sides or taut liners are designed to provide fast and easy access to your cargo in the body of your vehicle, while keeping it secure and sheltered.

Curtain sides are a combination of a flatbed transportation, allowing for unloading from the side of your vehicle, with the added protection you would expect from a dry van, combined together to provide an ideal method of transporting large loads, while protecting your goods from the elements in a convenient and efficient way. The curtain sides or taut liners contain retaining straps which allow the curtain to be pulled back to one side on release, allowing for convenient loading or unloading of cargo.

Curtain side or taut liner transport is ideal for transporting goods which are large or have irregular loads such as oversized materials, building components or particularly fragile, sensitive goods with strength of external walls with the added convenience of an attractive curtain side covering. They allow for the accommodation of large, bulky goods while containing them neatly, securely and sheltered from the environment.

Dealing with many different transportation needs over the years, we at Cunningham Covers understand the harsh conditions vehicles can be exposed to. Our rip resistant curtain sides are designed for maximum durability and convenience. Cunningham Covers’ PVC curtain sides are extremely durable, they ensure your goods are protected from the harsh external elements keeping your vehicle water-tight and sealed for a secure, neatly contained transport vehicle.

To make your vehicles particularly unique our curtain sides are available in various colours and can be custom designed to your own specifications with our graphic design service using inkjet – effectively providing you with a new advertising platform in transit.

This particular medium of advertising has been proven effective due to our clients’ eye-catching mobile advertisement reaching a wide and varied audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cunningham provide reliable, branded, protective covers for all types of commercial vehicles. Our heavy-duty yet lightweight covers are perfect for tough terrain and are guaranteed to go the distance. Our curtainsides are made with 900 gsm PVC coated polyester, with a high gloss lacquered finish giving UV protection and further protection from the challenges of the world’s toughest roads.

The European safety standard EN 12641-2 for curtain sided trailers was introduced a few years ago; today, this piece of legislation is being increasingly enforced, and the onus is now firmly on operators to ensure they comply. The requirements of EN 12641-2 state that vertical belt strength must be to 2.3 tonne, while horizontal belt strength has to be 1.2 tonne, with vertical and horizontal belt spacing a minimum of 600m developing a super strong mesh.

An anti-slash curtainside is resistant to slashing from any unwanted thieves. It secures your load with our lightweight and heavy-duty steel mesh construction that will stop any slashes.

Insulated curtains provide a solution for carrying a load that requires multiple drops and deliveries to inner city markets where side loading is required. This insulated curtain specially constructed with the correct combination of materials results in a perfect barrier to retain the cold atmosphere. Curtain dividers can also be provided to segregate the load. These dividers can be easily fitted dur to Cunningham’s unique fixings that attach to the roof. The dividers are a perfect way of saving fuel on the refrigeration unit if the customer has varying loads to carry.

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